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Bonds of Justice - Nalini Singh Max first appeared in book #4 Mine to Possess as a Enforcer who was friends with Talin and was helping her try to locate lost children. I liked him from the start but when I read about him getting his own book, I was really pleased until I learnt he was going to be paired with a Psy. I wasn't sure how it would work out and I'll admit to having my doubts about how it would all work as Max is human and there was no way he could bond with a Psy like the Changeling can. But oh my goodness, Bonds of Justice was a million times better than expected. If that's even possible. It was complete fabulousness!

I loved Max and his J Psy, Sophia together. They seemed to click right from the start and I really enjoyed riding through their relationship ups and downs and how they worked as a team. Max was a total sweetie and I loved him even more for not giving up on Sophia even though their relationship seemed so doomed. I really wondered how it was going to end and was more than presently surprised with the ending. It was such a good HEA! It was great how Sophia kept comparing Max to one of the Changeling men because of his protectiveness towards her and the fact he was so silent on his feet.

I really loved Sophia! Other than Sacsha she's been one of the first heroine's I've liked right from the get-go. I think it was because, like Sascha, Sophia's conditioning of Silence kept getting broken and because of this she was feeling more and seemed much more open to the idea of the something between Max and herself. Plus she came across as a totally honest person and I admired that.

I loved that at the top of certain chapters there were little notes, and thoughts from Max and Sophia and about them as well it really added a little extra to the overall storyline!

I've been a huge fan of the series since nearly the beginning and it just keeps getting better and better, as the series continues I fall more and more in love with it and the characters. Right from the start I've been a Sascha and Lucas fan and couldn't have been happier to see them back in Bonds of Justice or to see more of Lucas' Dark River pack.

I've found a new love of Sascha's mother Nikita. I thought, like Sascha that Nikita was a true cold Psy but in this book you see that although she may be living with Silence, she does care for her daughter and her soon be to grandchild and all I hope is that as this series continues Nikita doesn't die because seriously my favourite part of the book was towards the end when Nikita lets herself be threatened because she thinks Sasha is going to be killed and when she gets free she rings Sasha and just asks if she got the files she sent, because she wants to know her daughter is alive, I was totally squealing with joy!

Favourite Quote: "Nikita coded in a call on her cell phone. 'Sascha.' she said as Max ran to Sohpia, 'I wanted to ask if you received the contracts I sent last night.' A pause. 'Excellent.' "

I've also grown some more interest in Kaleb, and really wonder what will happen with him now. It's been discussed on the Goodreads topic boards. Will he get his own book? Is he the real baddy we all thought he was? Even though he helped Max find Sophia. And who's this person that's been missing from his life for the past six years? The suspense!

As always another amazing read from Ms Singh! And I can not wait for the next two books in the series out in August and November.