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Glass Houses - Anne Stuart This is going to be a short review while I liked Glass Houses I didn't think it was anything amazing but after reading most of Anne Stuart's Ice series I thought I'd give this a try and see what I thought.

There were a few similarities between Michael Dubrovnik and some of Anne Stuart's Ice series hero's. Or you can see where she got her ideas of those hero's from. It was very much a bittersweet story much like the Ice series.

Billionaire corporate raider Michael Dubrovnik has never lost a negotiation, until he meets Laura de Kelsey Winston, owner of Glass House. Now he's in a struggle for property and his heart.

Michael Dubrovnik Trump-type billionaire and a model agency owner Laura de Kelsey Winston fight over Glass Houses which (is exactly as it sounds a building made of glass) has been in Laura's family since her grandfather built it sometime around World War II and she refuses to sell it, not for any price or to anyone much to Michael's annoyance. But he's determined and manages to move into the building and try to get Laura to sell. There are a few underhand things both Laura and Michael do to try and get the other to leave which makes this book quite enjoyable but after that it's the predictable girl and guy fall in love neither will tell the other, building nearly collapses, they argue. Girl signs contract to building and runs away. Guy can't believe she left but can't knock down building like he wanted to so keeps it, fixes it and makes it part of his project. Girl finds out, comes rushing back, signs contract that guy hands over and doesn't realise it's a prenuptial agreement guy admits he loves her and guy and girl live happily ever after.

I still can't help but read these kinds of books because they're the kind I used to read back when I was 17 and they will always hold a special place in my heart!