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Unleashing the Storm - Sydney Croft Unleashing the Storm is an erotic paranormal romance novel. It's the second book in the Acro (Agency for Covert Rare Operatives) series. It's also written by two author's Larissa Ione and Stephanie Tyler who have created the alter-ego Sydney croft. The Acro series has said to be "erotica meets the X-Men".

Kira Donovan is an animal psychic and like her animals every year Kira goes through her heat. But for Kira it's a matter of life or death, if she doesn't have sex every four hours for the next four weeks she'll die.

Tom 'Ender' Knight, a natural born predator, has arrived at her isolated Idaho farm by instruction of Acro, if he can't get Kira to join Acro he must kill her before she falls into the hands of Acro's enemies Itor. At first Kira doesn't care about Tom, all she cares about is his body, his hands, his scent. But soon, Kira discovers the world Tom belongs to, the world of a covert operative, one man among dozens of secret agents waging an astonishing global war. Tom never expected the powerful emotions Kira would ignite in him, or the fierce desire to keep her safe from harm.

I liked Unleashing the Storm even though I thought it was a silly way to get so much sex into the book by saying that Kira would die if she didn't have sex that frequently. I liked the overall storyline and enjoyed reading more about the Acro world and the character's we've seen previously.

I really liked Kira (besides being a nymphomaniac) she was a really sweet character, I loved the part where she explained to Tom why she couldn't eat meat and he stopped eating his burger for her. I remembered reading Riding the Storm and how the other Acro agents didn't like 'Enders' very much but it gets explained why he's quite so unpopular with the other Acro agents, would you really want to be friends with agents that you may have to later kill if they turn bad. I really liked how Tom turned into a nice guy just when he was with Kira.

I enjoyed catching up with character's from Riding the Storm:

Haley & Remy

Were the main couple from Riding the Storm and it was nice to see there are still together and seem quite happy and are still having lots of sex when the storms hit.

Annika & Creed

They were the main secondary couple in Riding the Storm, they are the main secondary couple in Unleashing the Storm and they will also be the secondary couple in Seduced by the Storm. As it's explained that Annika is too immature to get her relationship with Creed sorted in just one book so there relationship is spread through a year to where Annika is more emotionally involved to be with Creed. They supposedly do get there own HEA in Seduced by the Storm so I'm really looking forward to that, because in Unleashing the Storm nothing really get's sorted. Annika starts to become more emotionally involved mainly with Kira and she's always been emotionally involved with Devlin but it seems like she's starting to care for Creed. But more questions are asked in Unleashing the Storm than answered mainly about Creed.

Devlin & Oz

Oz was mentioned in Riding the Storm but he actually appears in Unleashing the Storm. I like Oz and Devlin together however I'm not keen on m/m sex scenes just not my cup of tea but it's nice to see Dev and Oz together at last.

I like this series and plan to read the next one Seduced by the Storm because after reading the FAQ page about the Acro series it explains that the first three 'Storm' books in the series share the same subplot and the books thereafter will not be linked as closely as the first three but will still revolve around Acro.