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The Darkest Kiss - Gena Showalter This book actually blew me away. I loved the first one and when I read the preview in the back of it for the second one I really wasn't interested. But I picked up a copy a few months after I'd gotten over the first one and it was such a shock how much I really enjoyed this book and how much you can just really love the characters and how you not just laughed with them you laughed at them.

Anya was such a great character and very different from what you would imagine a goddess to actaully be at all like which I found actually helps keep your interest in the story along with you can't really imagine someone dull and boring getting involed with not only Lucien but the other Lords of the Underworld too.

This book also keeps the ball going forward with Reyes and Danika [which is the next book] and also brings in a twist with Paris and cannot wait to read his story now.