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Sister of the Bride - Susan Mallery When Katie McCormick finds out that her sister is marrying her ex, she finally agrees to a setup for the big day. To her surprise, Jackson is a catch. But when wedding catastrophe ensues, will their sparks fizzle or ignite into flames?

Sister of the Bride is a very short sweet read. Katie is briefly mentioned in Chasing Perfect when Charity's new friends have a girls night in and Katie is getting drunk as he sister is marrying her ex.

Katie and Jackson's Mother are best friends and are determined to try and set them up together. Katie and Jackson first met when Katie was 13 and Jackson 16, long story short they didn't get on and Katie threatened to beat Jackson up. Fast forward to now and Katie and Jackson have been trying to avoid there Mother's match making ways but Katie can't take the pressure anymore with her sister's big day looming much too close and finally lets her Mother set her up with Jackson. But they've both changed and not only do they instantly like each other there's chemistry. The rest of the book is four days worth of wedding humour and Jackson and Katie getting acquainted, (in every sense of the word) and falling in love.

A lovely short read that reminds me why I liked Susan Mallery in the first place.