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The Texan's Wager - Jodi Thomas Three spunky women get kicked off a wagon train and are attacked by a man who they think they've killed and confess to the murder. They are held by the Sheriff until they agree to enter the local town's Wife Lottery. If the three women agree to the name they pick, the man will pay the fine become their husband. In The Texan's Wager, Bailee Moore picks a strong, silent farmer who could be the key to leaving her troubled past behind.

I really enjoyed reading this book, although I'm not sure I will read the rest of the series as I'm not a big historical romance fan, it was brilliantly written. I loved all the characters, and how quirky Carter was in general and how protective he became of Bailee through the course of the book. This has got to be one of my all time favourite historical romance books I don't really like them that often. I just can't give this book the review I want it to. It was fabulous and I would really recommend it to anyone and everyone!