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Homecoming (Expanded Version of Bernadette's Bluff) - Elizabeth Jennings After reading and enjoying Pursuit so much I thought I'd try another Elizabeth Jennings book.

Frederica is overstressed, overworked and underpaid. She lands in idyllic Carson's Bluff sick after eight weeks on the road. The high flyer is forced to stick close to Carson's Bluff and its mayor slash sheriff, Jack Sutter while she recovers. Life is sweet and stress free in Carson's Bluff and its citizens want to keep it that way. After a week in the town, and a week in Jack's company, so does Frederica. A heartless multinational conglomerate is working to wipe out the relaxed way of life in Carson's Bluff. Pity the conglomerate is owned by Frederica's uncle. Pity she's the person spearheading the campaign to take over the town. Pity her adversary is Jack Sutter. Frederica enters into a high stakes game of chance against her uncle to preserve Carson's Bluff's way of life and her own happiness.

Homecoming a wonderfully relaxed read. It's sweet and slow paced but eventually gets you to where you expect to be. Frederica is tired just plain tired. She does exactly what her Boss and Uncle expects her to do which is fly all over the world and sort out the business deals so he can build. After weeks of constant traval Frederica is sick and all she wants to do is sleep. Carson's Bluff is just what the Dr ordered for Frederica and she's greatful the locals help her put off doing her job while she recovers from her exhation.

Jack Carson's Bluff's Sheriff and Mayor knows what's wrong with Frederica and somehow he feels connected to her and understands what she's going through. Even though he's positive it's going to end badly, he just can't stay away from her.

Homecoming is everything you could ever want in a contempary romance it is completely different from any other Elizabeth Jennings work or even her work under her other pen name Lisa Marie Rice it's much slowed paced and has no action whats so ever but is still a lovely read.