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You're So Vein (The Others, Book 14) - Christine Warren I'm really not reading this series in order, I keep missing books and I'm not sure why.

Ava Markham is beautiful, savvy, chic, and more at home with Kate Spade than with the idea of fangs and fur. She can’t get quite used to the fact that some of closest friends have crossed over to the Other side. Then one night she is attacked by a rogue vampire, and her deepest fears are realized when her body begins a dangerous transformation from human to immortal—a change she cannot survive without the help of an alluring stranger who comes to her rescue. Vladimir Rurikovich, an elite member of the European Council of Vampires, is on the prowl for a murderous vampire fugitive on the night he saves Ava from the clutches of death. It takes just one look for Dima to know he cannot live another eight centuries without the stunning and seductive Ava until he discovers a secret about her bloodline that could change everything.

I've not really liked Ava during this series and wasn't very excited when I realised she had her own book. I enjoyed reading more about the previous characters than I did about Ava.

I just found her to be too much and really disliked her attitude to her friends and to her life in general.

I quite liked Dima (Vladimir) he talked sense to Ava about her changes since been turning into a vampire, where Ava decided she knew best and would be fine on her own without any guidence which she proved she couldn't do.

I really liked the overall story, about the badass vampire on the loose from Europe, and the council are determined to re-capture her and stop her rampaging ways of turning unsuspecting humans into vampires for her coven to take over New York.