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Hero  - Cheryl Brooks I was really interested in finding out about Hero just for Micayla as she's the last female of her kind left and wondered what she would be like.

Raised on earth, Micayla is the last living Zetithian female. Typical of her species, she's aloof and uninterested in men, that is until she meets Trag, the Zetithian pilot for an intergalactic arms dealer and the sexiest, most irksome man she's ever met. Trag has sworn he'll never marry, unless he can find a Zetithian woman. Considering the odds, it's a safe bet, until he encounters Micayla. Fighting the enemies who are determined to wipe out the Zetithian race may be easier than convincing these hardheaded lovers that they were made for each other.

Hero is a sci-fi romance meets erotica romance and is brilliantly written by Cheryl Brooks. The background to the story is about a breed of warriors who are a mix between cats and humans and their planet has been blown up and any survivors are hunted down and killed and no-one really knows why. The Cat Star Chronicles is all about the few warrior survivors of the war who fought together and were all sold into slavery and how they've survived since, found their mates and are trying to find each other again.

Hero was everything I could have wanted to happen with Micayla and Trag. I'll admit I did find the beginning a bit of a let down but I was determined to see Micayla and Trag have their own HEA and was really glad I stuck with Hero because it really had potential once it got going.

I loved the scene where Micayla hissed at Trag, but really disliked Trag's attitude to Micayla after it happened. He was so stuck in his 'I love my brother's mate, I am doomed to be alone' routine that he never saw what Micayla did as what it was meant for. Thank god for Cat and is interfering ways otherwise I wonder if Micayla and Trag would have ever worked it out for themselves that Micayla's hissing was meant to entice Trag.

I really liked Micayla, she was really confused about her feelings for Trag and knew how he felt for his brothers mate yet stood up for him when they clashed about Trag's behaviour.

It was really great to find out who the actual bad guy was and why he wanted all the Zetithian's wiped out and it was a really lovely and sweet ending to find out there were more than the 7 surviving Zetithian's left and who had saved them all! Brilliant end to a lovely and interesting series that never failed to make me laugh.