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Bound, Branded, & Brazen - Jaci Burton Bound, Branded & Brazen has been on my wishlist for some time and I finally got round to buying it. Bound, Branded & Brazen is three books in one about three sisters that grew up together but went there different ways about 5 years ago and two of the sisters haven't been back on the farm since.

In the wilds of Oklahoma, three sisters have a hot date with destiny. Valerie, Brea, and Jolene McMasters reunite on the family ranch that should have been called the Bar Nothing.
When Valerie left for the big city, she kissed her foreman husband, Mason, goodbye. Along with the best sex she ever had. Now, seeing him brings back sizzling memories. But their rekindled fire threatens to burn them both.
Watching Gage wrangle untamed horses with a gentle but firm touch leaves Brea hot and bothered. But can she live out her fantasy with a man who may ask more than she’s willing to give?
Ranch hand Walker Morgan can’t afford to lose his job by getting too close to his new boss, Jolene, no matter how much she tempts him. But Jolene’s prepared to take the first step, because what Jolene wants, Jolene gets. And Jolene wants Walker.

Bound, Branded & Brazen is three short stories in one, with all three connecting. They appeared to have happened one after the other but I believe that there is meant to be a gap of months if not weeks between each book.

So a family death has brought all three sisters back on the farm and Jolene wants her other two sisters to stay with her and help her out. I liked all three stories just fine, individually I think they're all worth 3 stars as well. I didn't have a favourite story but my least favourite was Bound, with Valerie and Mason, it would have been better if it was a longer story I thought it was quite rushed.