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Tribute - Jennifer Van Dyck, Nora Roberts This is the first audiobook I've listened to. I normally prefer reading paperbacks or ebooks. So it was interesting for me to try an audiobook I received as a gift for my silly 7+ hour train journey's back and forth between my home and visiting my family. Getting up at 4am and sitting on two trains for 7+ hours sometimes my eyes are just too tired to actually read so it's been nice to close my eyes and drift away while listening to a lovely book.

Cilla, a former child star, has found a more satisfying life working with her hands to restore homes from floor to ceiling and has come here to her grandmother's farmhouse, tools at her side, to rescue it from ruin. Sadly, no one had been able to save her grandmother, legendary Janet Hardy. An actress with a golden voice and a tumultuous life, Janet entertained glamorous guests and engaged in decadent affairs but died of an overdose in this very house more than thirty years ago. To this day, Janet haunts Cilla's dreams. And during her waking hours, Cilla is haunted by her melodramatic, five-times-married mother, who carried on in the public spotlight and never gave her a chance at a normal childhood. By coming to the East Coast, rolling up her sleeves, and rehabbing this wreck of a house, Cilla intends to take a shot at finding some kind of normalcy for herself. Cilla has her work cut out for her. The house, once a place of comfort and simple rural beauty, is long neglected, crumbling, the grounds chocked by weeds. Plunging into the project with gusto, she's almost too busy and exhausted to notice her neighbor, graphic novelist Ford Sawyer, but his lanky form, green eyes, and easy, unflappable humor (not to mention his delightfully ugly dog, Spock) are hard to ignore. Determined not to carry on the family tradition of ill-fated romances, Cilla steels herself against Ford's quirky charm, but she can't help indulging in a little fantasy. But love and a peaceful life may not be in the cards for Cilla. In the house's cluttered attic, she has found a cache of unsigned letters, tied with a faded red ribbon, suggestion that Janet Hardy was pregnant when she died, and that the father of her child was a local married man. Cilla can't help but wonder what really happened all those years ago. The mystery only deepens with a series of cruel and intimidating acts and a frightening, violent assault. And if Cilla and Ford are unable to sort out who is targeting her and why, she may, like her world famous grandmother, be cut down in the prime of her life.

I first read Tribute back in 2008 in the book form and really loved it so I knew I was safe listening to this great story. The only downside I found with listening to this audiobook is the voice of the narrator. Especially when she was doing different characters voices. I will admit that if I hadn't read this book before I would have gotten lost several times with the storyline when the narrator was changing between Fords voice and Steve's.

I do love this story. I am madly in love with Ford Sawyer. I find him the best character throughout, I enjoyed his enthusiasm, and positive light he shines on everything. I really enjoyed how Ms Roberts made Ford so current with his comments about Shrek, his love of comic books and the X-Men.

Favourite Quote: "Love? It's green kryptonite. It powers out all the rest..."

I enjoyed the little quirks Cilla had, her best friend also being her ex-husband, her relationship with her Mother and her many husbands. Cilla was a beautifully written character and extremely well rounded. I really enjoyed her as the heroine of Tribute. I loved all the other characters in the book from Cilla's father to Spock Fords dog! I thought when you found out who the 'bad guy' was, was brilliant and it really wasn't until the very end when you're dealing with Ford it clicks who the 'bad guy' really was and I was blown away it really was brilliant and written so wonderfully as well.

I did really enjoy the relationship between Ford and Cilla. And how could you not fall in love the Ford's dog Spock?

Overall a brilliant, wonderful book and an enjoyable audiobook! A must read for any contemporary romance fans.