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Pleasure of a Dark Prince - Kresley Cole It took quite a while for me to get into Pleasure of a Dark Prince. The prologue I thought was great because it was really different that Regin was the main reason with how Lucia became who is she and everything she went through. But after the prologue it really went down hill for me because the first sixteen chapters are all things that happened in the first book A Hunger Like No Other but in relation to Garreth and Lucia and although it was well written and kept me interested I really couldn't wait for the rest of the story to begin. So I felt a little bit cheated that the real story didn't begin until page 128!

Once the story got going I really enjoyed Pleasure of a Dark Prince, it kept you guessing and thinking the whole way through the book about Lucia and her past and how she was going to deal with Garreth and her situation. I loved the adventure, Lucia and Garreth on a rickety, old, practically falling apart boat on their way down the Amazon to try and find an item that would help them stop an apocalypse caused by someone from Lucia's past.

I just have to say I really loved the friendship between Lucia and Regin. Regin hasn't been one of my favourite characters but she really grew on my in Pleasure of a Dark Prince because she was always there for Lucia right from the start and refused to either give up on her or even leave her. Serious friendship there! Also the text messages Regin sent to Lucia really made me giggle.

I think my favourite part of the book was the time Lucia and Garreth spent on the boat with the strange three member crew and the other humans who were on the trip for 'research' purposes. It was great to see Lucia lose herself in Garreth in the time they had to get to know each other and see her become a softer person.

I loved Garreth! I thought he was amazing and had a little crush on him myself while reading Pleasure of a Dark Prince. I really (at times!) wanted him to give up on Lucia because she really annoyed me. Thinking if she lost her archery abilities then she was nothing and all she was, was an archer! I mean come that's not very pro-feminism is it? Then when Garreth was walking away from Lucia, I was (mentally) screaming for him to turn around and go back to her.

I thought the ending was brilliant! Really great and I loved the book all the more for a different happy ending!

Pleasure of a Dark Prince was a really great read and I was so pleased that I finally bought it and gave it ago and didn't decide to just skip it like I was originally thinking about doing. It brought the series back for me and I'm really excited about reading Demon From The Dark and finding out where Regin, Carrow and Lothaire were taken too and what will happen to them!