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Bayou Moon - Ilona Andrews Wow! Bayou Moon was amazing! Thanks to Mandi's wonderful a href="http://www.smexybooks.com/2010/09/review-bayou-moon-by-ilona-andrews.html">review I decided I had to know more about this series and this book. After reading the blurb and reading other peoples reviews I decided to skip the first book On The Edge and go straight to Bayou Moon and I'm so happy I did.

Bayou Moon is the second Urban Fantasy book I've ever read and it's really set the way for any other Urban Fantasy books I may read. It contained everything I needed in a book! I initially fell in love with William from reading about him at on Ilona Andrews website and after reading the first two chapters I knew I had to buy this book!

William and Cerise were a brilliant pair and an amazing couple! They made me laugh, cringe and brought me near to tears. William really made the book for me, Bayou Moon starts by showing you William talking to toy soldiers and asking them questions. Then turning into his other form, a wolf and chasing an animal out of his trash just on the principle that he's already warned the animal several times before!

It's a different and brilliant way to show you that maybe William isn't quite all there in the head!

Cerise is amazing, her parents have gone missing and now she's the head of the family. Although she's scared to the bone she never lets it show and will protect her family in the best way she can, she's fierce, strong and determined. As the story evolves you see a softer side to Cerise as her relationship with William changes and becomes something more.

I really loved Cerise's strange and rather large family! I hope we get to see more of them in a future book! They added another element to the book, they weren't there was light entertainment because William and Cerise together provide that for the reader but they really added something to the book.

Bayou Moon is brilliantly written and takes you to a new world that is amazingly built and thought out. I can't review this book to the full justice it really requires, there is so much more I could say about it so I suggest that you read it yourself to see how good it is, or just go and click on the link to Mandi's review up above!