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Styx's Storm - Lora Leigh Storme Montague knew all about the Breeds from an early age as her father and brother were two of the scientist’s who helped create them. Storme was only fourteen years old when she saw her brother and father die at the hands of a coyote breed directed by the Council, after her father gave her a micro-chip full of important information and told her to run. Storm hasn’t stopped running in the ten years since her family died, until Styx catches her.

Styx’s Storm was amazing! I wasn’t sure how much I was going to enjoy it because normally you have an idea who the main character is going to be. But I had no idea who Styx was! Maybe my memory isn’t as good anymore but I think I’d remember a red-headed, Scottish warrior breed being mentioned before but for the life of me I can’t!
Styx’s Storm started a bit slow but quickly picked up and I devoured it in one sitting!

I really loved the character of Storme, within the first few pages I was already intrigued about her as a child and how she’d be as a grown woman and it only got better. I really enjoyed the different side of the Breed topic Styx’s Storm brought out. It’s not been very common for the heroine to be anti-breed but that’s exactly how Storme was. She didn’t go around killing Breeds unless they attacked her first and generally it was only the Council Breed assassins that threatened Storme that she hurt but she’d been running from all Breeds in general.
After ten years of running Storme’s getting tired and dropping her guard. She’s sure Styx doesn’t really know who she is, she’s been running from him for a year and he’s never caught her. Although Styx was tested and told Storme wasn’t his mate, as soon as he gets her in his arms his Wolf knows she’s his and he’ll do whatever it takes to keep her save, even from herself.

Styx has an unusual background compared to the other breeds; his DNA is of a red wolf and a dead Scottish warrior, he was raised by his grandfather and trained to be a warrior with martial arts and other fighting skills. Styx was another one of those Breeds who had women falling at his feet so it was enjoyable to watch how Styx suffered with being unable to mate properly with Storme and I think it made Styx’s Storme all that more enjoyable because Styx had to really work for Storme, he couldn’t gain her trust or love overnight.

Favourite Quote: “My loyalty is yours. I’d die to protect you, whether from Council soldiers, scientists or Breed Law and Jonas Wyatt. I’ll no longer allow anyone or anything to steal the security I can give you. I’d prefer to make it easy.” He gave her a soft smile. “I do rather enjoy my lazier side. For you though, I’ll deal with whatever I must, unless you make the choice to give the information to anyone other than myself or Jonas.”

It was really great to see some of the previous characters, Wolfe, Hope, Cassie, Jonas, Anya just to name a few. I loved seeing a bitchy side to Cassie, I think it shows she’s still growing as a person and she’s not just sweetness and light! But it also means it still might be a while longer before we get her book.

It was great to see the new character Navarro, whose book is out next year I believe!

Styx’s Storm was a brilliant read and had everything you could want from a Lora Leigh Breed book!