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Much Ado About Nothing - Claire Elizabeth McEachern, William Shakespeare Much Ado About Nothing is one of Shakespeare's more simpler plays in my opinion [compared to some of the harder ones I had to read before!] Much Ado About Nothing is a comedy (romance story) about two couples, the main couple Hero and Claudio and the secondary couple Beatrice and Benedick. It's about getting them together and what keeps them apart in the basic sense.

Benedick, Claudio and Don Pedro have been away at war and have returned, when Claudio first sees Hero he falls for her on first sight and Don Pedro offers to woo Hero for Claudio, Claudio agrees but isn't sure what Don Pedro's motives are. Don Pedro manages to woo Hero for Claudio and she agrees to marry him but Don Pedro's evil bastard brother Don John thinks Don Pedro plans to marry Hero and sets up an evil plan to ruin Hero's reputation so no one will want Hero if they think she isn't a virgin anymore. Claudio and Don Pedro believe they see Hero leaning out her window saying goodbye to her lover and calling him Claudio. In doing so Claudio attends their wedding and instead of saying 'I do' accuses Hero of not being pure any longer. Hero, doesn't defend herself and faints, everyone thinks shes dead and walks out. The Friar who realises that Hero isn't dead and wouldn't behave in such a manner tells her father to tell everyone she is dead and if Claudio cry's or shows remorse at Hero's death then he can marry her again but without him being aware he's it's the real Hero. The man who helped Don John trick everyone is overheard telling someone what he did and is then captured and forced to come clean with his crimes to Claudio, Don Pedro and Hero's father. Only then does Claudio show remorse for what he's done and that now Hero is dead. But he gets to remarry her but has to accept her before he can see her face.

During this Beatrice and Benedick are have a 'merry war' with each other, or a battle of the wits. Beatrice is the opposite to what is classed as a good women within the Shakespeareian time period as she refuses to marry and has a sharp tongue and expresses her every thought. Instead of being the good female like Hero. There is some mention to Beatrice and Benedick having some sort of past but nothing is really said about it, so you can only guess what may have happened.

Because of the merry war Beatrice and Benedick have they take up the major part of the book and really become the main couple within the overall storyline, after a while the marry war between these two really started to get on my nerves something rotten. As they got very repetitive with their argument. Even after Don Pedro has set up the idea that they are both in love with each other, and tried to fool them both into admitting there love of one another. It doesn't work but the end shows that they might get married.

Overall, I did enjoy Much Ado about Nothing because it was really something different for me and I found it much lighter than some other Shakespeare plays I've had to study. I do plan at some point to try and see a adaptation of Much Ado About Nothing to try and help show me what I missed or didn't understand while reading the play. If I had a choice I would have preferred not to read the play because it was much harder to try and visualise the characters and to get the story to play out in my head while I read it but overall it was much easier play to read for me anyway!