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Seducing the Moon - Sherrill Quinn Although this isn't classed as being part of a series it is the next book after Daring The Moon, Declan first appeared in Daring The Moon and you saw him come across from America to England with Taite after she's chased by a werewolf, to see his old college buddy Ryder, who's an expert on werewolves (mainly, because Ryder is one). During Daring The Moon you find out that Declan had a history with Ryder's butler, Cobb's daughter Pelicia, but because of what happened she wants nothing to do with him and Declan is left wanting her. At the end of Daring The Moon you see Declan being bitten by a werewolf and that's where Seducing the Moon takes off. 4 months later Taite and Ryder are married and Declan thinks he has control of his werewolf side.

Declan regrets what happened with Pel and wants her back but really she wants nothing to do with him. But Declan is determined to get Pel back so drives to her B&B to talk to her but instead gets his car tire shot out and ends up smashing into Pel's B&B wall causing yet another problem for Pel.

Declan is sure that the bullet was meant for Pel and is determined to stick around but because of Pel's reluctance of having him around Declan gets another college buddy, who's also a cop to come stay at Pel's B&B to protect her without her knowledge. Sully is a great character I liked him from the get-go. I sort of wished he'd got with Pel in the end but oh well.

I enjoyed Seducing the Moon but I didn't like it. There were too many faults within the overall plot, Declan's Irish brogue slipped onto Pel and Sully fairly often yet they were meant to be British! They kept referring to Ryder's evil cousin Myles who caused trouble for Ryder, Taite and Declan in the first book but he wasn't actually part of this book so why keep mentioning him if he has nothing to do with it? It would have made sense to include him in this book so we could have some closer from the first book!

Declan and Pel and their relationship, it was like a roller coaster ride, up and down, up and down. For most of the book Declan wants Pel, he gets her but it's not enough because she's still emotionally distant from him because of what he did two years ago to her. Pel doesn't want anything to do with Declan at the start of the book but she can't help but fall into bed with him and eventually falling back in love with him but Declan's changed his mind and tries to put Pel off only got Pel to stick firm.

I won't mention the bad guy, but it was sort of like he was spilt into two people, one person when he was with Pel and another person when he was faced with Declan and not in the usual bad guy way.

Blah it just wasn't as good as the first one for me! The only thing that rescued this book for me were the secondary characters, Sully, Taite, Ryder, Cobb, the Sniper and trying to figure out who he was.

Sadly, I wouldn't recommend this book, I'm not even sure I want to read Taming the Moon which is meant to be Sully's book, although I liked him I'm just not sure about reading another Sherrill Quinn book right now. Maybe in a few months time as I'd like to read Sully's story maybe just not right now!