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Sin Undone - Larissa Ione I really enjoyed Sin Undone, it had everything you could want in a good paranormal book and any good Larissa Ione book! Sin Undone is my absolute favourite book out of all five of them! (Even though I've only read the last three of them.)

Sin is a great character, I liked her so much in Ecstasy Unveiled I was so happy she got her own story. You could really feel for what Sin's life has been like and how she's managed to cope with it all. She became a real tough cookie but after creating a virus that's now wiping out werewolf's she's in a whole new kind of trouble.

It was great to start to see a more softer side to Sin after she'd started the virus and wiping out a lot of Weres. Con and her brothers also started getting to Sin and changing how she portrayed herself. I think that's what I liked best about Sin Undone, Sin didn't really change, she still remained one tough cookie but she started to accept and let her emotions out, after all the years she'd been bottling them up she was finally accepting who and what she was.

I love Sin and Con together, although sometimes Con really got on my nerves, he did make a nice hero for Sin though. It was also great to see the other character's from the previous books and how the relationship as brothers and a sister had changed and progressed, it was nice to see them as a big family all bonded and happy!

I especially loved the ending with Lora and Idess! It was seriously aw worthy.

I was super excited for the new except at the end of the book for Larissa Ione's next book. It's already got me hooked and I can't wait to get my hands on it!