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The Claiming of Suzy - K.T. Grant There's possibly a million things to love about The Claiming of Suzy, it's a short, quick, addictive read.

After reading other people's reviews I was prepared for Suzy to annoy me but she really didn't. In For the Love of Mollie, in which Suzy first appears, she comes across as a confident, fun woman with a quick wit who always has a sharp come back and in The Claiming of Suzy she is still the same person but like every woman out there, she battles from time to time with low body confidence issues. JC of course doesn't help and does a typical man thing and speaks before thinking. Although what JC says to Suzy is meant in a positive and innocent light Suzy can't help but take what he says in a negative fashion and over-reacts (slightly) like I imagine every other woman has done in her life at least once!

Actually after finishing The Claiming of Suzy I was quite suprised with myself at how much JC had annoyed me and how much I (sort of) was rooting for Xavier to win Suzy over (even though I already knew he wouldn't win!) with his charming and sexy ways. But sadly he didn't and now I have to wait til sometime next year for Xavier to get his own HEA!

It was really great to see more of Mollie and Conner in this book too! I'm glad they're still going strong together. I really enjoyed that The Claiming of Suzy was also set around the Halloween period, as I read it just before Halloween and it just added that extra something for me!

Overall I really liked The Claiming of Suzy and would happily recommend this book to everyone! I'm really enjoying reading KT Grant's books, I'm enjoying her writing style and am waiting patiently (not really) for her next book The Christmas Fantasy which is meant to be out soon!