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Warrior Avenged - Addison Fox Millennia ago, the goddess of justice Themis made a bargain with Zeus, she could create a race of fierce warriors, each imbued with a special power of the zodiac, charged with protecting humanity from the darkest evils. But they had to fight against Zeus daughter Enyo the goddess of war. With each success they gained strength but with each failure against Enyo she would gain strength. Now there are only so many of Themis warriors left that have not died by Enyo's hands, and it's these warriors that the fate of the world no depends on.

Immortal warrior Kane Montague is as lethal as the Scorpion that marks his powerful form. As an assassin for MI-6, he's an ace gun-for-hire. After being double-crossed on a mission by Ilsa, another MI-6 agent Kane knows wants to know why. Ilsa only ever wanted revenge for what she suffered but she never bargained how Kane and his warrior brothers would react.

Warrior Avenged is the second book in the series of the Sons of the Zodiac by Addison Fox, the first book Warrior Ascended showed Kane being double crossed and Warrior Avenged begins shortly after this.

I felt that Warrior Avenged was a little predictable at times, especially in the beginning of the story and the first few chapters. However, the story soon picked up and I started to enjoy it a bit more than I anticipated.
I really felt for Ilsa as Warrior Avenged went along. She'd suffered so much and was so much an innocent in this story. Kane on the other hand was a bit of a jerk on and off throughout the book but I liked him with Ilsa.

In Warrior Avenged we're introduced to some new characters, my number one favourite character was Hades, surprisingly enough! It was great to have Hades portrayed as a semi-good guy for a change, ok yes he did what suited him but he was a good guy compared to Zeus and Enyo and a few other gods we see in Warrior Avenged which I really loved!
We're also introduced to a gothed up witch, Emerson who I liked straight away. She cut straight to the quick with Drake and the other warriors and I can't wait to see if she gets her own book.
Callie, the warriors housekeeper/cook/mother/sister type figure comes out more in this book. I'm still unsure about her though.

The next book in the series Warrior Betrayed features Quinn who's been in both books and so far I haven't been over interested by him but his book will be out in May 2011.

Overall, Warrior Avenged was an interesting book but I felt there was something missing. It is a good book full of action, adventure, intrigue and romance but I really didn't connect with the story.