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His Darkest Embrace - Juliana Stone After reading the first book His Darkest Hungert, I didn't have very high expectations for the next book in this series, even though the overall storyline appealed to me the characters sadly didn't. I felt this especially with His Darkest Embrace. I had a feeling about this book before I bought it, hoping that the first one was just a one off. Sadly though, I bought this before reading Mandi's DNF review of it and although I enjoyed the first half of the story I did have to force myself to finish the rest of the book just because I liked the first half of the story and was curious to see how it ended.

Favourite Quote: "Skye Knightly was knee-deep in shit. In fact it was way past her knees and sitting up to her ass. And that was putting it mildly."

It possibly says something when the only quote I liked was the opening line to the book. I did like Skye and Jaggar in the first half of the book but by the second half of the book I was really sick of Jaggar's 'behavouiral' issues from being in jaguar form for such a long period of time I felt it was over played and drawn out for too long in the book.

Overall, I'm unsure if I plan to read the next book in this series currently I would have to say no because the characters really haven't appealed to me in either books.