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Dark Warrior Unbroken - Alexis Morgan Dark Warrior Unbroken follows on quite quickly from Dark Warrior Unleashed.
Dark Warrior Unbroken had quite a slow start compared to the first book and it took me a while to get into it. It did pick up some as the book went on but it wasn't really gripping I could have put it down and forgotten about it for a little while before my brain reminded me that I hadn't finished reading it.

It was really great to have Sandor as the hero in this book, I quite liked him and Lena together. Although at times Lena did seem to have to be everywhere that Sandor was even though she's human and if she got hurt she wouldn't be able to heal like Sandor but she still had to be there, right there, in the middle of everything. It got slightly annoying for me because then Sandor would be worrying about her and then something would go wrong and Sandor would have to let the killer slip from his grasp, yet again because he was too worried about Lena. Ok, so it only happened three times but it was a little repetitive and annoying. But I do wonder if Lena had been full blooded Kyth would it have bothered me as much? Possibly. I'm not 100% sure.

I quite liked the fact that Lena liked Sandor in his black leather duster that kept reminding her of Angel, you know that TV series many years ago, which was a spin off from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. It added some humour and helped to show that Lena was just as attracted to Sandor as he was to her.

It was great to find out who the 'killer' was and how Kerry as The Dame wanted Sandor to handle the situation. It showed a nicer side to Sandor's job as Enforcer instead of just killing the Kyth were didn't use the rules the Kyth lived by.

Overall I did quite like Dark Warrior Unbroken, I enjoyed the small twists and turns that appeared in the storyline that went along and gave the story that little bit something more.