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Unlawful Contact - Pamela Clare Note: I'm reading this series out of order!

The I-Team is a group of investigative reporters who'll put their lives in danger while searching for the truth and finding love.

Sophie has never forgotten bad boy Hunt who she lost her virginity too twelve years ago. But she never expected to meet him again like this.
Sophie has been investigating the treatment of women whilst pregnant in prison until the woman she's been talking to disappears with her daughter and Sophie's scared for the woman and child. The only lead Sophie gets is from Marc Hunter, the missing woman's older brother. Marc has been in prison for the last 6 years, serving a sentence without parole. When he hears his sister has disappeared he uses Sophie as a means for escape not realising in the twelve years since Sophie has seen him, she doesn't recognise him and she really is fighting for her life.

I really enjoyed reading Unlawful Contact and I think I picked the perfect one to start the series with! The book just sounded so good I couldn't walk away from it. The beginning of the book is so sweet showing how Sophie and Hunt/Marc 'first met' and then fast forward twelve years and how their lives have changed.

I thought the storyline was truly great. It had everything you could want, suspense, long lost lovers, vengeance, and an interesting twist at the end and a really great HEA! Sophie and Marc were great together and I found it really funny that Sophie never knew Hunts real name!

Favourite Quote: "There’s no 'happily ever after; for us, sprite. There’s now. Only now."