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Hard Evidence - Pamela Clare Note: I'm reading this series out of order!

The I-Team is a group of investigative reporters who'll put their lives in danger while searching for the truth and finding love.

**Teeny Tiny Spoiler At The End**

Investigative reporter Tessa Novak witnesses the murder of a teenage girl-and believes Julian Darcangelo committed the crime. But Julian is actually an undercover FBI agent on the trail of a human trafficker and killer. And now Tessa's report has brought them closer than either one of them could have imagined-and put both of their lives in danger.

Hard Evidence wasn't as good as the third book in the series that I read first but I still enjoyed it and it hasn't put me off reading anymore in this series. Actually its made my want to read the first one!

Tessa witnesses a murder of a teenage girl right in front of her eyes but before she can do anything to help the girl is dead and all Tessa saw was a arm in a leather jacket and the car the murderer shot from. From this Tessa automatically assumes Julian, who is an undercover FBI agent, is the killer because, wait for it... he's stood outside near where the shooting happened in a similar leather jacket.

Great investigative reporting already going on their!

But because Tessa is an investigative reporter she feels its her duty to write the story of the girls murder and that she saw the killer instantly putting herself and Julian in the direct line of fire. So Julian has to step in to stop Tessa from getting him killed and protecting her from herself.

Ok so clearly Hard Evidence annoyed me a little but I still enjoyed the overall storyline and like Unlawful Contact, Hard Evidence has a great twist at the end that made the book just that bit better for me.

I did like Tessa but at times I found her irritating, annoying and rude to other members of her team that were just worried about her safety and Julian, although a great tortured hero due to something bad that happened in his past was over played and at times I got sick of his 'I don't need anyone but myself' attitude.

Favourite Quote: "Her gaze met his, her blue eyes filled with confusion and terror – and love. If Julian hadn’t already been in love with her, that would have done it."

**Teeny Tiny Spoiler**

I was really quite glad when these two got their HEA but annoyed that Sophie had to quit her job! Instead of just finding another field of investigative reporting to work in.