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Cry Wolf - Patricia Briggs Cry Wolf takes off straight after from Alpha and Omega. Anna has left her old life in Chicago and finds herself and her few belongings bundled up and on her way to Montana with a wounded Charles and his father, Bran, aka the Marrok leader of the entire werewolf population of North America. Anna suddenly finds herself living at Charles's house, attending werewolf funerals. Anna is unsure of her new life and she is unsure if she
wants to be in this new place with Charles, a man she doesn't really know except the fact that Charles is the Marrok's assassin.

The thing about being an Omega, which Anna is currently learning, is she has all of the protective instincts of an Alpha, without any of the violence. This makes her strong and able to influence the mood of every wolf around her. Similar to the first book Alpha and Omega, Anna's still working on her untapped abilities and figuring out how she can use them and whether or not she and Charles as humans will be able to have a relationship together. I liked the extra time we got to spend with Bran and his other son Adam.

I really liked Cry Wolf but I would have preferred some more Charles and Anna time as they were about 6 secondary characters running around in Cry Wolf. Taking up too much of the overall storyline for my taste. Although in ebook Cry Wolf was 320 pages it really felt a lot shorter than that, I think this is because as I said there are quite a few secondary characters taking up quite a lot of the plot.

Cry Wolf is an interesting read, as my third Urban Fantasy series I've ever read, I find Patricia Briggs writing style unlike anything I've read before. It's written in third person which I enjoy, because you get thoughts from both main characters but its written more on the lines of Paranormal Romance than Urban Fantasy with the exception of the ending's as it stays open for the next book in the series to continue it on. So far I like the series and have found it extremely enjoyable. However, I would say it is best if you read Alpha and Omega first, which can be found in On The Prowl Anthology to get the full back story of Anna and, how Anna and Charles met.