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Dance Upon The Air  - Nora Roberts I've just finished re-reading (for at least the fifth time) one of my favourite Nora Roberts books. Dance Upon The Air. Although I love this book for many different reasons, witches, love, century old curse, new friends etc etc.
The main female character Nell Channing is running away from her past. She's left her abusive husband tricking him and everyone else she knew into thinking she's dead.
She was known as Helen Remington. And as the story evolves so does the character. You see in a way as the character grows stronger and more confident in who she is she also grows into her changed name.
There's a few rather nice pieces about why she chose her name, and that "her name was Nell Channing now and always."
I also fell in love with Zack Todd who Nell falls in love with. As always Ms Roberts has written a beautiful timeless classic for her fans. And oh did I mention it's part of the three sisters island trilogy so you get more on Ripley and Mia! What more could you want.