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Veil of Shadows (Veil, #2) - Shiloh Walker With demons running amok throughout the forests and mountains, a rebel army has been established to win back the land, and a new soldier has appeared out of nowhere to join them. His name is Xan, and his past is a mystery to everyone, including Laisyn Caar (Syn) a beatiful captain in the rebel army. Who is shocked by the powerful, all-consuming desire she feels in his presence. But now isn't the time for distraction. The future of her land and of her people is in her hands. On top of that, she's been stripped of her magic and without it she feels like part of her soul has been stolen away. But when she discovers the dark secrets of Xan's agenda, it will be up to her to determine whether the man she's starting to love is a friend of her people or a dreaded enemy.

I'm a big fan of Ms Walker's, I have yet to read any of her work and not enjoy it or be swept away by her writing. Ms Walker writes brilliant story lines that keep you gripped and drag you in from the very first. I was first tempted to read Veil of Shadows because Ms Walker is an evil mastermind and tweeted excepts before it was released and I was instantly drawn and hooked, even though I wanted to read the first book I ended up by passing it to read Veil of Shadows first.

Although Veil of Shadows is the second book in the Veil series I had no trouble reading it as a stand alone as I hadn't read the first book. The story line is gripping and brilliantly written. I never once felt confused or annoyed about reading the second book in a series without reading the first book for background details or to know what the series was all about, which I think shows Ms Walkers writing skills. I'm not normally one for a kick ass heroine in a storyline who not only can look after herself and others but can also take down the hero without breaking into much of a sweat but Syn is that kind of heroine and she was brilliant! I was blown away by how much I liked her and was rooting for her right from the start.
Xan was brilliantly written too. He was everything a hero is meant to be and then had that extra little bit more just to blow Syn (and me!) away.
I really liked the main secondary characters too, Lee and Kalen (from the first book) and Morne and Elena they helped you see Syn as a woman, witch and as a solider which I really loved. They also were a great element to draw you into the rest of the series.
I adored the twist in the plot at the end! I really wasn't expecting it at all which made it all that more enjoyable and interesting. It was triple twisted and triple amazing!

Favourite Quote "The first time she saw the man, Laisyn Caar knew he was going to be trouble."

Hands down I thought this was a great book and would highly recommend it, I liked it so much I'm going to read the first book Through the Veil to catch up on what I've missed and to know more about Lee and Kalens relationship!