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Shadowfever - Karen Marie Moning This is the last book in the Fever series and I've really been enjoying this series and hope for answers and amazing things within ShadowFever.

After DreamFever ended on such a cliff hanger I was extremely pleased that I could jump into ShadowFever straight away, in the same day. (Ok so I might have killed myself and read DreamFever and ShadowFever in the same day and did pretty much nothing else. But man that was a good day!) ShadowFever contained a lot of interesting twists and turns and some not so interesting ones.
When I finally put ShadowFever down my first thought was 'did it really have to be 594 pages long?' I think not but it did take you on an amazing journey that really put a different than expeted end on the Fever series. Sadly I found the ending possibly one of the worse parts of the book (and by end of the book I mean the last 3 or 4 pages). As I read Karen Marie Moning's Highlander series first I really expected a full on, awesome HEA ending which I should have realised wasn't going to happen because a) can you really see Barrons and Mac being all lovely dovey with a perfect ending? Sadly no. Just wishful thinking on my behalf. And b) because Ms Moning is planning a spin off series so ShadowFever isn't really the final chapter on the overall storyline!
Some highlights that I loved from ShadowFever, Dreamy-eyed guy! serious love, I really hope we get more on him in the next series! no more Fiona = party time, wooo! Dani, Kat and the other side-seers being awesome total girl power! finding out what's under the floor of BB&B although it was a bit anti-climatic I have to say, the mirrors, erm Christian I have a small crush, ooooh and there's proberbly a million other things but I'm shutting up now.

Favourite Quotes:
"Don't talk to it, beautiful girl. Never talk to it." - The Dreamy-Eyed Guy

"Revenge will never be enough. Revenge would be over too quickly, it wouldn't satisfy the complexity of the needs of the creature I became while I was lying here, holding him. I want it all back. Everything that was taken from me."

"I wasn't prepared for death. Nobody is. You lose someone you love more than you love yourself, and you get a fresh course in mortality. You lie awake night after night, wondering if you really believe in heaven and hell and finding all kinds of reasons to cling to faith, because you can't bear to believe they aren't out there somewhere, a few whispered words of a prayer away."

"I'd walk through hell and back, smiling as long as he was beside me. As long as I could glance over at him and our eyes could meet and we'd share one of those wordless looks."

"I hate fate. I don't believe in her. Unfortunately, I think the bitch believes in me."

"You're the wild card, Mac. I've thought that since the beginning. This thing thinks you're epic. So do I."

Overall this series has had it's up's and down's but I have enjoyed reading the Fever series and trying something new as this series isn't something I would have normally read if it wasn't for so many people telling me to give it a try and for Smexy Books and Fiction Vixen for hosting the Fever Read-Along which I really enjoyed!
Also I loved reading other peoples review of ShadowFever and seeing how they reacted to it. I've posted links to some of the other reviews so far below, check them out!