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Entranced - Nora Roberts Fascinating and irresistible, the mysterious Donovan cousins share a secret that's been handed down through the generations, a secret that sets them apart from ordinary beings. He was certainly a fraud, and she wasn't about to let him exploit her friend's vulnerability. But fiercely protective Mel (Mary Ellen) Sutherland was desperate to find a missing baby and had run out of leads. So, reluctantly, the dubious private investigator agreed to enlist Sebastian Donovan's help. Soon she had to admit, grudgingly, that this beguiling mystery man had some pretty remarkable gifts, including his extraordinary ability to penetrate her tough façade and awaken her heart.

I quite enjoyed Entranced with Mel and Sebastian, it was more of a contemporary romance than a paranormal but it didn’t blow me away with the overall storyline I did however really love and enjoy Mel and Sebastian together I thought they were a super sweet and lovely couple and I really enjoyed seeing them go from friend/enemies to falling in love. I really adored Sebastian and how he kept trying with Mel to be patient when he was head over heels in love with her. The overall storyline about finding a missing baby was sad and moving but it didn’t hit all the right buttons for me, sadly.

Overall, I liked Entranced much more than the first one but so far this series hasn’t amazed me like Nora Roberts usually does, this is perhaps because it’s a Mills and Boons book and I grew out of those books quite a few years ago and have been unable to get back into them