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Charmed (Donovan Legacy) - Nora Roberts Fascinating and irresistible, the mysterious Donovan cousins share a secret that's been handed down through the generations, a secret that sets them apart from ordinary beings.
Boone Sawyer never expected to move next door to a woman who looked like one of the fairy princesses he often wrote about. Anastasia Donovan had a serene kind of femininity that would baffle and allure any man who was still breathing and Boone was definitely breathing! Ana’s gift was for healing. Though her intriguing new neighbour made his living writing fairy tales, she didn’t think he’d easily accept her legacy. But when an accident put a life at stake, she could not deny her powers, though it could cost her Boone’s love, and risked her very life.

I’m in two minds about Charmed. When first finished the book I happily put down the book and thought it was the best book in the Donovan series but now as it’s been nearly two weeks since I read it I’m thinking that it was pretty much the same as the other two books, more of a pegged level with how much I enjoyed Entranced than Captivated.
I adored Boone’s daughter and thought she was extremely adorable and pretty much made the whole story for me. I liked Anastasia but thought she stayed too mysterious and aloof to be really enjoyable. And although I liked Boone I much preferred Sebastian and thought at time Boone needed a swift smack on the head and a good talking to because he was just all jumbled up and annoying me, especially at the end, when you want to be happy that they’re together I was just thinking why? why? why? He’s an idiot who needs to know he’s been an idiot and do much more grovelling for his mistakes!

Overall, I’m really unimpressed with this series by Nora Roberts and sadly there is still another book in the series to go that’s related to these three cousins but is set in Ireland. I’ve read it before a few years ago and plan to re-read it sometime in March or April as I’m in need of a break from this series right now.