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Ecstasy in Darkness  - Gena Showalter Why I read this book, well, I’ve had the Alien Huntess series sat idly on my laptop for quite a while now and finally decided to start this series. However, true to form I’m reading the newest book first and will then go back and read the rest of the series as this storyline with Ava and McKell is the main one that caught my attention and demanded me to read it. I find this happens quite often, I’m interested in a series and want to read all of them but it’s one of newest or latest books that really drags me to finally read the series.

McKell is a real kick ass, scary vampire that no-one in AIR has been able to capture, as he keeps sending them back with missing body parts or dead. Ava and her best friend Noelle have been sent out to capture McKell and if they catch him they well become full AIR agents and no longer be trainees.

I really enjoyed reading how Ava and Noelle went about trying to capture McKell and learning how they became friends and ended up working for AIR. Ecstasy in Darkness if full of laughs and romance that really draws the reader in and holds them tight to the story. I was really swept away with the entire storyline I struggled to put the book down until the nearing the end!
I adored Ava and her kick assness, having Noelle but no family and still managing on her own and slowly seeing her fall in love with McKell. Ava was a really amazing, brilliant character that I really fell in love with. I adored the brutel, rough and slightly insane McKell, he was what Ava needed and I really adored them as a couple. There are certain scenes that really cracked me up and made me love this couple more and more as I read the book.
If I was leaving my review there and that’s how the book ended it would have totally gotten 4 stars (it wouldn’t have gotten 5 stars because of Dallas and the whole evil queen thing was starting to get on my nerves) however, I really disliked the ending and the turning back the time part and the deal McKell made with his Father just to save Ava. It really ruined it for me and lowered it so much for me. I was really sad that it happened because otherwise Ecstasy in Darkness is a great, amazing, brilliant, funny read, that I would happily recommend!

I’m ambiguous about the cover of the book, partly because I read it on ebook so the cover was just black and white but also because other than the colours it’s the same old, same old design.

Overall, I enjoyed Ecstasy in Darkness and thought it was a great read, it’s defiantly gotten me more interested in reading the rest of the Alien Huntress series and I’m looking forward to reading them in April.