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Hidden Away - Maya Banks After reading and enjoying the first two books in the KGI series, The Darkest Hour and No Place to Run I knew I was going to read Hidden Away just to see Garrett’s ‘down’ fall into love.

Ok I’ll admit I’m not a big Garrett fan (sorry Julie!), I fell out of love with him in No Place to Run and the way he mistreated and mistrusted Sophie so although I was happy to read Garrett’s story, I was more looking forward to the struggles he’d face falling in love and trying to convince the girl he was the guy for her. Happily Hidden Away really lived up to my ideals of making Garrett suffer and fall in love and try to get the girl to believe he loved her too and that they really could have a happily ever after. I adore Maya Banks writing style for the KGI series and how she writes such interesting characters. I enjoyed that the Kelly family was still a part of Hidden Away but I enjoyed it more that they weren’t the centre of the storyline like the two previous stories, although I adore the whole Kelly family I felt at times it can distract from the overall storyline and the main couple. Another thing I enjoyed about Hidden Away was learning more about the other guys (and one girl) in the teams that only come into the story once they’re away from the Kelly home. I was bouncing in my seat to learn more about Rio and see more about Steele, Cole and PJ. Seriously I couldn’t get enough and am patiently waiting until these guys get their own books and we find out more about them. EDIT: This isn't true! Don't know where I got this info from sorry! (As a side note: what’s with the whole Cole and PJ thing and then Ms Banks saying they won’t be each other’s HEA?! Not pleased! I want them together!)
Although I liked Hidden Away and the overall storyline, I was a bit surprised that Garrett wasn’t his usual tough and gruff self and I think I felt a little let down by that although I understand that clearly he was smitten for Sarah so of course he’d drop most of his attitude and try and be a nicer guy to her especially when he realised what she’d been through and had suffered at the hands of her former boss. Yet I was still expecting him to be his kick ass self and in some ways he was and in others he wasn’t. Anyway, that’s my main reason for only giving Hidden Away 3 stars.
However, I have to say that I did quite like Sarah, not as much as I liked Sophie but more than I liked Rachel. She’d suffered something really awful and instead of letting it break her she became stronger in some ways and I really admired the way Ms Banks wrote her and didn’t make her any more of a victim than she already was (if that makes sense?). In other Kelly news. Yey Sophie had the baby! Awww the scene with Donovan and the baby was so sweet! Finally all the brothers have accepted Rusty into the family which I was pleased to see but I’m still unsure where Rusty fits into the family and if she’ll get her HEA and who it’ll be. But I think that’s part of the fun trying to figure it out and waiting to see what happens.

Favourite Quotes:

“You have a gun,” she whispered.
He winced. Trust her to notice that detail.
She was probably one of those woman who fainted at the sight of a weapon.
She raised herself off his chest to look into his eyes. “Can I have it?”

“Chocolate. Weren’t women supposed to be rabid predators of chocolate? He’d waved a chocolate bar in front of Sophie’s nose more than once and been forgiven for all manner of transgressions.”

“I stopped believing they made men like you,” she said in a voice that made him ache. “Thank you for proving me wrong.”

Overall, I really liked and enjoyed Hidden Away but am saddened that the next book Whispers in the Dark isn’t out until February 2012, it feels like it’s a lifetime away already *pouty face*.