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Deadly Fear - Cynthia Eden 3.5 Stars!

After reading the review for the third book Deadly Lies on Fiction Vixen I knew this was a series I wanted to read, it’s a short series of only three books and each book is different with a different protagonist, serial killer and situation, with murder, mystery and a dash of romance thrown into the mix what’s not to like?!

Firstly I have to point out that I’ve finally given out my very first half star rating! I NEVER do this I always find it easy to slot a book in a 3 or 4 star category but I really struggled with Deadly Fear, hence finally giving in and having a .5 rating. I didn’t think it was fair to try and stuff it in a 3 or a 4 star box when it fits more snugly in a 3.5 star box.
The prologue of Deadly Fear was great, it really drew me in and had me hooked and got my brain thinking and working right away and I love that about romantic suspense books when they actually get you to engage in the storyline and think a head and wonder and guess and basically have you on the edge of your seat trying to figure it all out and to find out if your following the right clues unlike the hero and heroine in the book and Deadly Fear did exactly this all the way through the book I never would have guessed who the serial murder was or why they were murdering people.
I really loved Monica and thought she was a great character and bet the author had fun writing her as she’s two sides of a coin in some ways and I really enjoyed that. Monica went through an awful experience as a child and still lives with the scars (emotionally) of what she suffered, I liked how she still managed to live her life and do her job which came across as something she really needed to do and although at times she was twisted about her job at the FBI she was really good at what she did. I loved Luke I thought he was adorable and sweet and exactly what Monica needed in her life he just had to break through the walls she’d put around herself. Luke and Monica were extremely hot together and seemed to do a good job of burning up the bed sheets. One thing I was expecting to annoy me was that Luke and Monica had a back history that happened before the book start (well between the prologue and chapter 1) and normally I don’t enjoy these sorts of storylines but Deadly Fear was so well written that I couldn’t help but enjoy it and get totally absorbed by the story. I really enjoyed the secondary characters who get their own books in book 2 Kenton’s (he was such a sweetie to Samantha it broke my heart!) and book 3 Samantha’s so I won’t go too much into the details about those people but I have to say if you want to read book 3 like I do then you HAVE to read this book to understand what happened to Samantha and what she suffered and all the gory details I really enjoyed that part of the book (do I sound a bit wrong?) not so much Samantha being tortured but how it affected Monica and what the murderer learnt from it and other things and how it’s going to change Samantha as well.

Ok so I have to admit if you can’t tell from my review that I greatly enjoyed this book, but my problem was as soon as I put the book down and started thinking it over it was like I hit a road block. I thoroughly enjoyed this book (if you can’t tell) but afterwards I was like ‘huh, I don’t know how to rate it’ which is an absolute first for me and it’s really annoyed me because although I’m only giving it a 3.5 I can’t tell you why. There was nothing really I didn’t like about Deadly Fear I didn’t get stuck or bored reading it, I could happily put it down and pick it back up again. I didn’t hate any of the characters, I didn’t think anything was down badly, I really enjoyed reading this book and plan to pick up book 2 sometime in April or May so I really can’t explain why I’m stuck giving this great book a 3.5 rating. And it really makes me feel bad! Because of how much I enjoyed this book I keep thinking it deserves at least 4 stars but I just don’t feel comfortable doing that then I automatically go well it’s a 3 star but that doesn’t fit either! So it’s a 3.5 and I can’t tell you why but I can tell you it’s a great read and I plan to read some of Ms Eden’s other books sometime in my near future (i.e. once all my Uni work is handed in and I’ve got more times on my hands!).

Overall, if you like a good romantic suspense/ murder mystery or you’ve never read Cynthia Eden before I think Deadly Fear is a great book to start with that will get you hooked if not on the series then on her writing style.