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Dark Guardian #3: Dark of the Moon - Rachel Hawthorne It's been quite a while since I read Moonlight and Full Moon, the 1st and 2nd books in this series. I quite enjoyed them and wasn't anticipating enjoying Dark of the Moon, it wasn't as good as the previous two books but I did enjoy it. It had some really great twist's and turn's that I didn't see coming.

I don't normally read a lot of YA novels because I've found that a lot of them are written in first person narrative and normally from the girls point of view. After a while they all start to feel the same and get a bit annoying. Rachel Hawthorne's Dark Guardian series is written in first person, from the girls point of view but I actually like this series for several reasons. 1. It's a series about werewolves, I'm sorry it's my weakness I can't help it! 2. Each book (so far in the series) has had a very different feel to it even though they've had similar story lines. 3. There short, quick reads. Well for me anyway.

Dark of the Moon follows on from Full Moon and Moonlight in the similar story line of the heroine who's not long turned 17 has her first change and has to undergo the full moon to transform into a wolf. Normally the girl is helped through this process by her mate. The guy gets the girls name tattooed on his back in celtic (not sure why it's in celtic) of the girl who he wants to be his mate and then the girl either accepts him or someone else. Because Brittany has always been determined to be the best Dark Guardian there is, most of the guys aren't interested in her and even if there were Brittany only has eyes for Conner. So Brittany plans to go through the change alone.

It was great to see previous characters from the first two books again, Lucas and Kayla, Lindsay and Rafe, and Daniel. It was however a bit annoying to still have Bio-tech, mainly Mason as the bad guy still out to prove Werewolves exist and wanting to capture one of the Dark Guardians. Also Vampires were mentioned once or twice and I felt a bit confused. I wasn't sure if they were either meant to exist in this series or they were just mentioned in general.

Favourite Quote: ' "If you love me, you won't do this" Conner said. I slammed my eyes closed. Not fair. So not fair. When I opened my eyes, I could see that Mason was losing his patience. Suddenly everything in my world tilted. I could have what I'd always dreamed of being, but only if I was willing to give up what I'd always dreamed of holding. '

I really enjoyed seeing a different side to Brittany and the change in her relationship with Conner. It was really nice to see how Brittany managed to have an effect on Conner and how he started seeing her in a new light.

I really like this series and would definatly recommend it!