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Dark Guardian #4: Shadow of the Moon - Rachel Hawthorne Hayden was born a werewolf, a Dark Guardian. But her ability to sense the feelings of fellow werewolves has made her life unbearable. After another Dark Guardian is killed by the Harvester, Hayden runs away, only to be tracked by charming and mysterious Daniel, a newcomer to the pack and the one Shifter immune to her powers. As she reluctantly follows him home, Hayden finds herself falling dangerously in love. But even as her feelings for Daniel deepen, Hayden worries that when she's under her full moon that the Harvester will take more than just her soul.

This is the fourth Dark Guardian book and I really enjoyed it! I have no idea if this is the last book are they're will be more after this but I thoroughly enjoyed Shadow of the Moon.

Hayden and Daniel are great characters and really quite beautifully written. I love how Hayden fights what she feels for Daniel but eventually gives into the love she has for him but won't risk him getting hurt. The twist with Daniel was great, a little bit expected but I enjoyed the way it was written and explained.

Favourite Quote: "I love you." He grinned, the smile that had first made my knees grow weak. "I know. Good thing, too." He nuzzled my neck. "Because I can find you anywhere."

I'm not quite sure where Shadow of the Moon fits in time wise from the previous book Dark of the Moon, I know it's after but not how long after.

My problem with Shadow of the Moon, is mainly directed towards Hayden and her getting away with certain aspects that would be normal in any teenagers life. Hayden's 16 when she runs away from the other Dark Guardians, she goes to an all girls boarding school and when school is out she returns back to the Dark Guardian sanctuary. While Hayden's 'missing' for three weeks she turns 17, yet she's able to pass as a college student. Although I don't want to ruin the ending there's no mention of Hayden returning back to school or Daniel for that matter. It's one of the problems I find with YA stories, trying to get the character to maintain a 'normal' lifestyle that other people have.

It was nice, not only to still have the character's from the previous books brought back into this one and meet new character's such as Seth, but to know a little more about the characters. It was great to see how much Conner loved Brittany and know that Hayden could really feel there love and know it was real.

Overall Shadow of the Moon is a great book and I hope there are more Dark Guardian books planned for the future!