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Archangel's Kiss  - Nalini Singh I read the previous books before this one when they came out and enjoyed them but I didn’t fall in love with the series it just didn’t pull at me the way some other series do so I’m a year behind in reading this series and that’s ok with me.

Although I enjoyed most of Archangel’s Kiss I found it to be slow going and at times like trying to pull a splinter out of your thumb, which was frustrating because just when it starts to pick up or you think it’s about it pick up it slows back down again. However, I stuck with it and read it all in one sitting, mainly from something Julie at Yummy Men and Kick Ass Chicks said to me once, that the second book is always more lacklustre than the first because it recaps and sets the scene for the next book etc etc. I enjoyed getting to know the characters more and seeing all the members of the seven and learning more about them and seeing Elena and Raphael continue with their relationship. I’ve totally fallen in love with Elena, I liked her before but now I’m greatly enjoying her ass kickingness that she fully embraces and hands out. I enjoyed seeing her rely on Raphael more as the story progressed and seeing Raphael open himself to Elena.

Overall, Archangel’s Kiss is brilliantly written, I adored the words used and if anything I fell a little bit more in love with Ms Singh’s writing style than I had before. I’m still enjoying the Guild Hunter series and do plan to read the next book as I am enjoying the progress Elena and Raphael make together and learning more about their world and the other characters. I am however especially excited for Archangels Blade (book 4) which is due out this September!

Curiously, what is everyone else’s opinion on this series? Are you all sticking with it or have some of you not started it yet?