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Born in Sin - Kinley MacGregor I first read Born in Sin back in 2009 when I was reading the MacAllister and Brotherhood series' and reading Sherrilyn Kenyon's work as Kinley MacGregor was more enjoyable than I though I really enjoyed Born in Sin and fancied re-reading it again quite out the blue.

I adored Sin he is a great, brilliant lovable character that's had a horrible life and has never really been part of the MacAllister family and he's quite the black sheep to boot. When King Henry informs him he's to marry Callie a Scot to find out who's trying to kill him, Sin is sure no priest will marry them as he scares them all as they think he's the son of the devil. Instead Sin ends up married to Callie and returning to Scotland which he vowed never to do.

Born in Sin is a lovely, sweet read, that shows you how Callie changes Sin and shows he can be loved and accepted. Although Born in Sin is a historical romance I had no trouble reading it as it read more like a contemporary as the historical factors aren't constantly pushed on the reader so can easily be overlooked or missed at times when you get really caught up with the romance between Sin and Callie.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed Born in Sin and found it to be the best of the MacAllister series.