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Touch of Seduction - Rhyannon Byrd I was quite apprehensive about reading this book because it didn’t appeal to me but after doing a little research I thought this was a good place in the series to start, even though it’s the fourth book I had no problem picking up what was going on and what was what or who was who, which I thought was brilliant.
I loved Olivia, I found her funny, smart a truly interesting character that I couldn’t help but get pulled into the story for her and her niece little Jamie (who really stole the book to be honest!). Sadly though I didn’t like Aiden and found him to be a huge pain in the arse, for most of the book which I found disappointing, but it was understandable giving his awful background but his attitude really got to me in some parts of the book. However, he defiantly dedeemed himself by the end of the book which made it more enjoyable. The main plus from this book was being introduced to the other characters; they were all so enjoyable and lovely that I really can’t wait to read all their HEA!