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Touch of Surrender - Rhyannon Byrd I found it really hard to like Kierland throughout Touch of Seduction, he was a total twit and idiot and really someone (namely Ashe) should have smacked him around a bit. Morgan and Kierland have this really complicated history together when they used to be in the academy together. Kierland was Morgan’s teacher and they both had the hots for each other but Kierland was too moral and decided to date someone else to keep his hands off Morgan (she was too young), which broke Morgan’s heart and she jumped into bed with Ashe (who’s a vampire). But Kierland thought Morgan was following orders and thought less of her for doing so and basically went on a hate campaign against Morgan. Quite a lot of the book is about Kierland and Morgan just trying to get on good terms with each other and trying to sort out their past and what happened with lots of sex thrown in for good measure. But if it wasn’t for Ashe and the sex and a few other characters this would have become a DNF for me, because I just couldn’t warm up to Kierland at all! I really wanted to because I liked him in the previous book and I really liked Morgan, but really I kept wanting Morgan to tell Kierland to stuff it and for her to jump Ashe instead. Sadly that didn’t happen but I’m glad I persevered because I liked the ending and it sets up the storyline for the next book.