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Touch of Temptation - Rhyannon Byrd This was the book I was desperate to read! Touch of Temptation was everything I wanted it to be and much, much more. It was great. I was so glad I read the previous two books because otherwise I really would have been confused and wouldn’t have known what was going on. Kellan ends up falling for Chloe from a picture Olivia shows him right back in book 4, Touch of Seduction, then Kellan has this mad plan to get Chloe free by getting himself captured in Touch of Surrender and only Morgan can find him, so the rest of the group (the other Watchmen) follow and make camp determined to get Kellan out if he hasn’t freed himself and Chloe by a agreed upon time. I loved the first half of Touch of Temptation where Kellan, Chloe and Raine are locked up in separate cells and Kellan is getting to know both women. I instantly liked all three of the characters and was rooting for all of them from the first page. I especially liked the storyline between Raine and Seth (a human Watchman) but alas this is not their story and their story is the next book, Rush of Darkness out at the end of March.
Chloe and Kellan’s story didn’t hog the whole book like the main characters did in the two previous books but their relationship was still the centre which I immensely enjoyed. I really liked Chloe, but she annoyed me with the disbelief that Kellan had true feelings for her that had nothing to do with the Mallery witch part of her that was waking up. And felt sorry for Kellan when Chloe kept trying it out on other Watchmen to see if that’s why Kellan was interested in her. However, I managed to get over that and the second half of the book which I also loved was about their escape from the wastelands where Chloe, Raine and Kellan were being kept and I just thoroughly loved this book. I really enjoyed the banter/tension between Ashe and Juliana and wonder if they will be each other’s HEA in Ms Byrd’s spin off series (or maybe wishful thinking on my behalf).

Overall, I like this series and cannot wait to get my hands on Rush of Darkness to continue the series and enjoy more from these characters.