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Coyote's Mate - Lora Leigh I'm a big fan of Lora Leigh's breed series and as a new book in the series is due out soon I fancied re-reading two of my favourite books in the series that weren't old releases.
I adored Anya and the coyote's girls Anya helped rescue they really made the book for me. I liked Del-Rey but I didn't love him like I have some of the other breed hero's. He's too arrogant and so sure of himself. I really enjoyed seeing how Anya and Del-Rey would make their relationship work and what they would have to overcome to fix things. I loved the ending of the book, even how Jonas goes out on a limb for Anya, it made me giggle.
I really enjoyed Anya and Del-Rey's story and their HEA! A total must read.