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Seduce the Darkness - Gena Showalter I've been enjoying the Alien Huntress series so far and have vastly been looking forward to Bride and Devyn’s story (who was introduced in Enslave Me Sweetly). I also wanted to see how McKell was introduced.
I enjoyed the story between Devyn and Bride, although at times I really didn’t like Devyn. He was vastly arrogant and sure of himself and constantly being a perv with Bride which at times really got on my nerves. I especially had problems with the last part of the book where Bride is held in AIR and Devyn is a real jerk to Bride just because of his past which he does seem at times to have gotten over.
I enjoyed learning more about the other agents new and old in AIR and how the team interacted and worked together and how Mia is running AIR.
As a side note, I was surprised how different McKell was in Seduce the Darkness compared to how he is in his own book Ecstasy in Darkness (which I read first). He comes across as two very different characters which at times I found hard to deal with.

Overall I liked Seduce the Darkness mainly because it continued the overall storyline of the series.