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Navarro's Promise - Lora Leigh Mica has grown up around the Breeds thanks to her close relationship with Cassie, Mica has learned how to hide her emotions from the Breed’s. Navarro is a recessive Breed, his wolf genre is hidden and his emotions therefore Navarro can pass as a human. There has always been something between Mica and Navarro, but they weren’t meant to be mates. When Mica is kidnapped, Navarro rescue’s her and their emotional barriers come down, changing their relationship

Le sigh. This will be a short review. After reading and really enjoying the last few books in the Breeds series I was expecting to more than to just enjoy Narravo’s Promise. Sadly I didn’t. I liked the characters, Navarro and Mica but I didn’t enjoy their story, I thought in comparison to the previous story’s that Navarro’s Promise wasn’t as gripping or entertaining. It felt like it had been done before and wasn’t anything fresh or new compared to the previous stories but that being said it must be hard for Ms Leigh to keep coming up with different and original storylines when she’s been writing the Breeds series for so long.
Mica is Cassie’s best friend, that’s how Mica knows about all the breeds, but it’s not clear how they became friends, unless I missed it?! When Cassie needs Mica, she drops everything to be there for Cassie. I found the relationship between Mica and Cassie a bit strange but it was nice to see more of Cassie. I’m hoping that Cassie’s story will be coming soon, especially as we’ve been given more insight into her life and her role within the Breed compound, which was actually quite interesting. Another secondary character that I’m waiting for her HEA is Ely’s! The Sanctuary’s Dr has been through so much and there have been several mention‘s that Ely knows who her mate is already but won’t do anything about it, I’m curious whether Jonas will interferer or not with Ely’s situation.

Overall, I may not have overly enjoyed Narravo’s Promise but it did add more information and ideas to continue the overall storyline of the series which I did like and am interested in.