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Backstage Pass - Olivia Cunning I’ll admit I didn’t have a real idea about what Backstage Pass would entail but I was expecting something similar to Maya Banks Sweet series, which I quite enjoy. I was close in some ways with the comparison but totally wrong in others. Backstage Pass was a total fluff read for me, it was extremely light and simple without a complex story which I greatly enjoyed. Backstage Pass doesn’t hold anything back it jumps straight into the story. Brian really is such a sweetie throughout Backstage Pass you can’t help but like him even though at times Brian is a total nut. Myrna however, hmmm I didn’t have issues with her but I didn’t like her so much, at the start of Backstage Pass I thought she was really weird, one minute she’s getting down and dirty with Brian and then the next she has these really weird thoughts going on in her head, although it’s understandable why she has these thoughts, she doesn’t stop what she’s doing with Brian she just carries on and it was a bit weird. Eventually I started to like Myra a little more but I didn’t like her as much as Brian, although I thought it was really sweet how she ended up mothering all the guys and putting her foot down about certain things. I quite liked the ending and how it shook things up a little and made Backstage Pass a little more interesting about something other than just sex.
I’m really ambiguous about the other members of the band other than Jase, although that might change when they each get their own books.