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Rock Hard - Olivia Cunning I had certain problems with Rock Hard, mainly with the heroine Jessica; I found her to be rather schizophrenic at times because she goes back and forth on herself with her opinions and it became quite frustrating also she only ever had sex on her mind and little else. She was determined just to use Sed as a bed mate even though she knew he still had feelings for her. To be honest Rock Hard was a little messed up and quite frankly Jessica should have been the one to go to hospital and see a specialist!
There was one point where if I wasn’t reading Rock Hard on my Ereader I’m fairly sure I would have thrown it across the room in sheer frustration! From the start of the book Jessica wanted to study law, she chose studying law over Sed but three-quarters of the way through the book she decides quite sporadically that she wants to be a nurse! This only last’s a few pages though and then she’s back to studying law and out to get revenge on certain people in her school, which I really liked and was pleased about, except you don’t find out what happens with that situation you’re left hanging wondering if it’ll be mentioned in the next book or not at all.
Nevertheless there were quite a few moments I did like in Rock Hard that managed to save it for me. Myrna and Brian trying to get hitched and spend some time together. Jace! Just anything Jace wise was great for me :D There were a few other moments that worked well for me that involved Sed, he was still a jerk, true to form but his character could be more understood and I liked him a little more than I did in Backstage Pass, he’s never going to get the hero of the year award (in my opinion) but he was redeemable which I think always makes an interesting romance especially when he was disliked in the previous book.

Overall, Rock Hard was an interesting second book that continued a good series and I’m looking forward to reading the third book.