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Chasing Fire - Nora Roberts From just reading the blurb of Nora Roberts newest romantic suspense my mind automatically made me think of Blue Smoke, before I even had the book in my hands I was already worried about reading Chasing Fire as I wasn’t the biggest fan of Blue Smoke. However, true to form Nora Roberts kept Chasing Fire new and fresh and there were only a few things that prickled my conscious when I put the book down.

Rowan knows nothing else but smoke jumping, it’s what her father did and it’s what she grew up to do. After Rowan’s smoke jump partner died last season Rowan doesn’t know what the new season will bring but once she gets back into the routine she knows she made the right choice to come back to what she loves. I wasn’t overly found of Rowan at times she felt a little like an ice queen, if it wasn’t for Gulls personality I defiantly would have been disappointed with Chasing Fire. Rowan has quite a bit of baggage (all emotional) and at times I felt like it was too prominent in the storyline. Rowan didn’t seem to accept what had happened in her and leave it there, she dragged it around with her and used it as a shield against Gull and to ward other men off and keep an emotional distance from the people who cared about her. Although it was well written and at times it did fit Rowan’s character but it felt too overplayed in some areas and banged on about it too much that it really put me off Rowan.
Gulliver Curry aka Gull really made Chasing Fire work for me. He wanted Rowan and was determined to have her and the ways he went to wooing Rowan were truly brilliant. At time’s Gull was sweet, funny and just plain adorable but he had a backbone and knew who he was and what he wanted and didn’t let Rowan walk all over him which I’m sure she would have done if Gull wasn’t made of firmer stuff. Gull was pretty much the key player throughout the book that held everything together for Rowan and for the others around him. Gull is amazingly smart, quick witted and quick on his feet thinking which always kept Rowan on her toes and the pace of the story going, when it felt like if it was left to Rowan it may have dragged and she would have wallowed for a while whereas Gull is a man of action and thought things out discussing them with Rowan and making her feel better about the situation and her circumstances.

There is a second romance in Chasing Fire with Rowan’s father, Lucas ‘Iron Man’ Tripp and Ella, which was so sweet and heart-warming, it helped add a little something extra to the overall storyline when Rowan wasn’t sure about her and Gull.
The other character’s in Chasing Fire, Janis, Little Bear, Dobie, Libby, Matt, Stovic, Gibbons, Yantree and many more were brilliantly written and made the other smoke jumpers into a little family giving each other nicknames depending on how they looked, acted or what they did, some of my favourites: Chainsaw, Elf, Cards, Swede, Barbie and Hot Feet. I really enjoyed the other characters and wished they’re had been more about them.
The overall plot line was quite interesting in that someone was out to get Rowan and then someone else was out to get the smoke jumpers so it appeared as though there was more than one villain which added a more interesting plot line (for me!). However, as usual my brain just wouldn’t shut up and I worked out who the villain was by chapter five so I ruined it for myself but it was interesting to see how it worked out and why the villain was doing the crimes and who s/he was killing.

My problems with Chasing Fire were small and really insignificant other than not being overly keen on Rowan, but because I’m a big Nora Roberts fan I couldn’t help but be reminded of some of her other storylines or characters while I was reading Chasing Fire. Other than Blue Smoke I was reminded of Northern Lights and Declan from High Noon. The comparisons weren’t large or really out there but that’s what stood out to me!
What I liked, as always with Nora Roberts romantic suspense books the book is broken into three parts, Initial Attack, Extended Attack, and Blow Up. It sorts the book out into more manageable sections for the reader. By that I mean when you reach each part it’s a good place for you to put the book down and walk away to do whatever you need to do which I find really helpful as I always have a problem putting a book down.

Favourite Quotes:
“Hey, Ro!” She glanced over at Cards’s shout, in time to see him turn, bend over and drop his pants. “Pucker up!” And we’re back, she thought.

“Got it. It’s nice,” Gull continued, “having somebody.”
“No point in the whole screwed-up world if you don’t.” Matt shrugged. “No point doing what we do if nobody’s waiting for us once we’ve done it.”

“The king became a stallion, rearing over his mate.”

Overall I really like and enjoyed Chasing Fire, I would highly recommend this to any romantic suspense or Nora Roberts fans.