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Tumbleweeds - Chastity Bush As the adopted daughter of the town’s madam, Strawberry Meadows has seen it all. After ten years of living in Lily Bell’s saloon she believes all men are the same: wild cads, cheating husbands, tumbleweeds, and outlaws. Marriage is not an option, but when Berry comes face to face with the town’s new sheriff, she finds herself fighting feelings she has never before experienced. With friends and family playing matchmaker, controlling the urge to throw herself into the lawman’s arms proves more difficult than she ever imagined. Sheriff Tavis Wilks came to Chamberlin to begin life anew. Perhaps find a wife and settle down. Unfortunately, not one of the women in the town caught his eye or held his interest, until he met Berry. Something about her set his blood on fire. From her hot tempter to her unwillingness to let him close, he wants her, needs her. The only thing stopping him from making her his own is Berry herself. When an old enemy rambles into town and takes a special interest in Berry, Tavis must scramble to rescue the only woman he has ever loved before his future is destroyed by his past.

The author, Ms Chastity Bush asked me if I would review Tumbleweeds for her, as I’d read and liked her previous paranormal romance ebooks and enjoyed them I was intrigued enough to say yes.

I’ll start out by being totally frank and saying I am not a big fan, or even a fan of historical romance books. So I’m most likely not going to do Tumbleweeds the justice it should receive from someone who actually likes the genre of historical romance. I generally tend to like historical romance if there’s a twist of or added element of paranormal romance. However, Tumbleweeds was an interesting, sweet read that brought something different to the historical genre (well for me at least). I have yet to come across a historical blurb that mentioned that the heroine grew up in a brothel, yet was still naive and innocent in most ways. Although Tumbleweeds is really a standard short historical romance there were certain things that stood out and made me enjoy it, for a historical romance. The first part of Tumbleweeds was really quite funny which got me hooked on the heroine, wanting to know how her story would play out. Then I really liked Travis, I thought he was a good hero, and he had his hands full with Berry. And lastly the ending! Seriously made me giggle! I wasn’t expecting the ending to play out that way at all and quite liked it.

Overall, I quite liked Tumbleweeds especially as it was something different and as a historical romance it made me giggle quite a bit.