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Never Again  - Michele Bardsley Small spoiler in quotes!

Welcome to Nevermore, Texas, population 503, where witches and wizards live side by side with humans, and where witch Lucy Rackmore is in trouble. Ever since her former lover snuffed out her magical abilities, everyone in town is looking to settle a score with her family. And Lucy's only hope for survival may be her ex-brother-in-law-whom her sister betrayed and nearly killed.
I read a review for this somewhere, I’m not quite sure where. Possibly Smexy Books or Fiction Vixen but I’m not 100% sure, anyway the review was great and I really wanted to read Never Again and the ebook has been patiently waiting for me on my list until I caved and bought my kindle and wanted to read something on it, and Never Again was my choice.

Never Again, is truly a brilliant and addictive read! I really couldn’t put it down, it has a really great introduction to the book that draws the reader in, the rest of the book continues in the same manner to keep the reader absorbed and entertained by the story and I seriously had zero problems with this book! I loved the main characters, Lucy and Grey they both went into the situation in very different ways but the outcome for both of them was the same which I really loved! Grey is extremely damaged and changed after his ex wife tried to kill him and betrayed him, he doesn’t have really have anything to do with the outside world so when Lucy comes asking him for help it also comes as a wakeup call for Grey to notice what’s happening in his town and the outside world.
There are two storylines going on in Never Again, there’s Lucy’s problem and what’s happening in Grey’s town. Both storylines are great and happily they eventually intertwine. Never Again is a combination of a paranormal romance with a romantic suspense which I truly enjoyed. I never worked out who the bad guy was at all which was really great for me. Although I really loved the main characters I also really enjoyed the secondary characters and can’t wait to read more about these people and see where this series goes.

Favourite Quotes:
“I hereby relinquish the name of my father’s lineage and take that of my husband’s, which I will henceforth honor and use as my own.” She snorted. “Well, so much for woman’s rights. I think the magical need to update their paperwork.”

Gray frowned. “That didn’t happen when I signed the certificate with Kerren.” “Well, maybe you had the wrong kind of paper,” huffed Arlene. “You damned sure had the wrong kind of wife.”

“Stay,” she murmured. “I’m cold.” “You want to use me for a blanket?”

Overall, I really enjoyed Never Again and think it’s worth checking out, for paranormal fans and everyone else too.