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Warrior Betrayed (The Sons of the Zodiac, Vol. 3) - Addison Fox As Montana Grant struggles to lead her late father's company, her estranged mother suddenly reappears, spouting nonsense about Mount Olympus, immortal warriors, and curses. But after an event that puts the company's future and Montana's life at risk, she decides to take her mother's last bit of advice. Quinn Tanner is Montana's security specialist-and a Taurus Warrior. With worldwide peace hanging in the balance, it's up to Quinn to help Montana rise to her destiny, even as they're falling in love.

I read and really enjoyed the first book in the Sons of the Zodiac series, but I only quite liked the second book so I wanted to give Warrior Betrayed the third book a try.
Warrior Betrayed felt a little different to me compared to the previous two books in the Sons of the Zodiac series so far. I enjoyed the twist with Montana, her Mother Eirene and Themis it added an interesting extra oomph to the overall storyline with Themis and made me like her more than I originally did. I really liked Montana I thought she was truly lovely and written brilliantly within Warrior Betrayed. However, I wasn’t awfully keen on Quinn but I think you’re not meant to love him as he’s meant to have similar character traits as a bull, which is his zodiac sign and therefore he can be a bit... bull-headed, shall we say and I felt it was a bit repetitive at times with his behaviour and his feelings of guilt from the previous book Warrior Avenged, with Kane and Ilsa. It was however, the secondary character’s that happily made Warrior Betrayed something extra special for me. In comparison to the first book the group of Zodiac Warriors have become much closer and seem to be more of a family unit now with the mixture of women within the group, which I’m really loving. There are of course, certain character’s I want to know more about, Callie who’s there ‘housekeeper’ is seriously interesting and I’ve been waiting since the first book to know more about her and I enjoy the titbits we’re given about her. The other character is Rogan, who we don’t really know much about but I was rather intrigued by him so I hope to learn more about him.
The villain of Warrior Betrayed was Arturo Veron and it was along the lines of ‘these tangled webs’ of villainy which I liked but was a bit anti-climatic at the end. However, with Arturo being the main villain there wasn’t much time for Enyo, the goddess of War, who’s the main Zodiac Warriors nemesis but she did make a few appearances but it didn’t really work for me and I’m already feeling a little bored of Enyo which is a little sad as this was only book three.

Favourite Quotes:
“Sensual and unerringly faithful, my Taurus will cherish the woman who wins his stubborn heart. For the woman who can capture him – with a heart even bigger than his – will know a love for the ages...”

“I think someone is trying to kill you, Ms. Grant.”

Montana leaned forward, one hand flicking at the studs of his tuxedo shirt. “I love a man of action. What did you have in mind before we leave?”

“In that moment, all he wanted was to show her how much he cared. How safe and protected she was.”

Overall, I really liked Warrior Betrayed, it was a different and interesting storyline in the Sons of the Zodiac series and I plan to read at least the next two books in the series before I decide to give up on this series altogether.