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Standoff - Lauren Dane Cade Warden has always put his Pack first, setting aside everything elseeven his need for a mate. Now Warren Pellini has a new biological weapon, threatening everything Cade holds dear. Into his life walks Grace Pellini, sister of his greatest enemyand his destined mate. Grace walks a dangerous line, gathering information to aid the Nationally Allied Packs. In the midst of their rising passion and desperate search for the key to disabling the weapon, Pellini raises the stakes with a Challenge. Grace must stand by, Cades life in her hands, as her mate risks everything for his people.

This is the first Lauren Dane book I've read and as I immensely enjoy werewolf books I thought I'd give it a try.
I enjoyed the first 3/4 of this book. I thought it was great. A really fun, nice, spicy read but by the last quarter Cade did something that really put me off the whole book and I'm unsure if I'll read another book in this series again. Which is a shame because there was another book I was interesting in reading.
Although I plan to try another Lauren Dane sometime this year.