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Ascension - Caris Roane Kerrick is a vampire warrior on a mission, to protect powerful mortal Alison Wells as she goes through the rite of ascension, or transformation into a vampire. But along the way, Kerrick gets caught in a fierce, forbidden attraction to the woman he's been assigned to watch over. After his beloved wife was murdered by evil blood vampires, Kerrick took vows never to get involved with a woman again, for he knows that he’ll risk her life if he gets too close. But when a powerful army of blood vampires learns about Alison's extraordinary powers, they're determined to take her down. Now Kerrick has no choice but shadow her where ever she goes, even if it means losing his heart for eternity.

I read the first three chapters of book #2 Burning Skies on heroes and heartbreakers, (to read all three chapters you need to join or log in) and was instantly intrigued and drawn into the world Ms Roane created and although intrigued by this series, from what I read I felt I had to read the first book to better be able to understand the world and how the characters in book #2 actually met so I started with Ascension.
Just to say another big THANK YOU to Monique who sent me Ascension as part of May’s R.A.K.
To start I have to say that Alison cries a lot in this book. And I really mean a lot, right from the first chapter. I’m not saying this is a bad thing or that it even annoyed me because it didn’t but man this girl could cry! The things that made her cry were justifiable and totally understandable, but I think it was nearly every chapter (or it felt like every chapter) she’d get a bit teary-eyed and have a cry. It wasn’t until the end of the book and I put it down to reflect upon it did I realise just how much and often she cried. Read it and tell me I’m wrong, go on.
Ascension is a really interesting and complex story which I thoroughly enjoyed. There are other dimensions and they all interlink. The world we live on is called Mortal Earth and some mortal men and woman are different from the rest, stronger, faster, telepathic or have some sort of special ability. During their lifetime they may get a ‘call’ to ascension, which basically means that they dream about a place and have the urge to go there and the place is a joining of Mortal Earth and Second Earth the next dimension so to speak. But before they can go to Second Earth they have to decide which side they’re on. Commander Greaves and his death vamps (which are vamps who ‘partake of dying blood’), the side of bad or Madame Endelle and her Warriors (I know which side I’d chose!).
“Once a mortal answers a call to ascension, he or she begins the rite of ascension, a period of time that lasts three days, no more, no less during which the ascendiate if powerful is vulnerable to attack...”
Oh and if that wasn’t enough once you ascend you’re given vampire traits, made faster, stronger, better vision, better hearing, maybe new powers and... wait for it... fangs! Oh and mustn’t forget the wings!
Alison has had a hard life never really being able to connect with the people around her, constantly scared she’s going to hurt someone as she’s much stronger than most men. Then she meets Warrior Kerrick, (who seriously had issues that annoyed me!) trying to stop a death vamp from killing her on Mortal Earth, which by the way isn’t allowed and is breaking the rules. Most of the story is Alison trying to come to terms with her new life, trying to stay alive from constant attacks from Commander Greaves and his death vamps and playing a tug of war on her heart-strings with Warrior Kerrick, who I’m sorry to say is a complete and utter tool and needed to get his head examined! I had practically no love for that guy whatsoever! Until the end when he admits what a tool he was and that he needs Alison in his life. However, the secondary characters, which they are many, happily make up for Kerrick’s toolness throughout the book. I greatly enjoyed Endelle, Havily, and the other Warrior’s of the Blood, which I think were another six guys who battle the death vamps.

Favourite Quotes:
“Things are so bad, jefe? I thought she said she’d only bring him back if he sucked the black off the bottom of her stilettos.”

“A roll of lavender reached him and he leaned forward on the stool sucking in his breath. He’d already been hard as a rock. Now? He could have pounded nails. Okay, time to work up his resolve, to shape it into a mountain and hold steady.”

Overall, I thought Ascension was a great first book and I’m looking forward to reading the second book Burning Skies which is already available.